Friday, September 14, 2012

Got a mountain you want moved?

In Mark Chapter 11, Jesus provides a concise explanation of how to apply the act of faith. First He tells us to have faith in God (11:22). Then he says that faith has the power to throw a mountain into the sea, IF you have no doubt in your heart. Finally, He sums it all up by saying that whatever we ask for in prayer, if we believe we have received it, we will receive it.

That's a pretty simple system. Which is good, because I've got a few mountains that need to be moved. Unfortunately, as effective as faith is, applying it to life isn't as easy at it sounds. There's a catch: You can't have any doubt in your heart. Doubt and faith cannot co-exist.

Jesus knows that. He wants faith to be a transformative process for each of us. We have to surrender our need for power and control. We have to trust God. HE is the one in charge of throwing the mountain into the sea. Don't try to figure it out for Him. Just trust.

While we are waiting, we need to do our best to feel as if we already have what we want. This requires us to stop focusing on what's wrong with our life, stop focusing on what we lack. Picture your desire in your mind. Feel good about the fact that you have received it, that your mountain has been moved. Be patient. Be joyous.