Sunday, December 30, 2012

Eyesight to the Blind

Jesus often talks about sight and blindness. He states that if you think you can see, you are blind. I believe this to mean that if you look at things with a bias to serve your own personal beliefs, prejudices or needs, then you are more likely to miss the Truth. Whereas if you see and consider life while in communion with God, you will see more clearly through the heart of God, and therefore get glimpses of Truth.

It is important to have an open mind and an open heart, if you are to let the wisdom and love of God guide you. Unfortunately, many people today are like Pharisees who invest themselves in manmade belief systems and adapt biblical scripture to justify/fortify their lifestyle or cultural preferences. They shun anything that is contrary to their sensibilities. As a result, they blind themselves to other perspectives, ideas and potential wisdom. And sometimes, they even generate hatred and conflict.

There is much wisdom to be found outside of biblical scripture. In fact, by expanding your spiritual and philosophical studies, you will likely gain greater insight into the Truth found in scripture. For example, if more Christians had a basic understanding of Judaism, they would have a better grasp of the context of Jesus’s teachings, as well as how the Gospel writers tried to incorporate Jesus into their existing religion.

And that’s just the beginning. By letting go of manmade prejudices or rigid thinking we will be ready to learn and grow. By making spiritual and philosophical studies a greater priority in life, we can all expand our understanding and experience revelation and epiphany. Our vision will widen and sharpen. Things we have been unable to see will become clear. And our relationship with God will deepen.